Now Boarding Pet Hotels

Now Boarding Pet Hotels are family run 'holiday homes' for your beloved small caged pets. Through our growing network of home run luxurious small pet hotels, we can offer even the smallest of pets a holiday of their own, at an affordable price. Now Boarding Pet Hotels specialise in caring for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, degu's, mice, rats, birds, reptiles, etc. Each Now Boarding Pet Hotel offers your pet a safe and loving environment in purpose built, heated and air-conditioned accommodation.

As well as clean, dry and secure accommodation, all Now Boarding Pet Hotels have outside runs for fresh air and play. If it is wet outside, your pet can still have fun playing with their toys indoors, where it is warm and dry. So you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your pets are safe and comfortable whilst in our care.